• Product Info

    Please get in touch to customise your Moi et Toi ring and make it your own. Email info@pilondon.co.uk

    We can completely customise your ring. Choose from yellow gold, white gold or platinum.

    Need help choosing your gemstones? Get in touch and we can advise on the stones, whether it's choosing your favourite colour or our personal favourite choosing loved ones birthstones.

    Wanting to add an engraving? Let us know where you'd like to place your engraving and what you'd like to say and we will send you font options.

    Get in touch and customise your ring making it completely unique to you.

  • Birthstones By Month:

    JANUARY Garnet | FEBRUARY Amethyst | MARCH Aquamarine/Bloodstone | APRIL Diamond | MAY Emerald | JUNE Pearl/Alexandrite | JULY Ruby AUGUST Peridot/Spinel | SEPTEMBER Sapphire | OCTOBER Tourmaline/Opal | NOVEMBER Golden Topaz/Citrine | DECEMBER Blue Topaz/Tanzanite/Turquoise/Lapis Lazuli

  • Gold Care:

    The beauty with solid gold is that it will last a lifetime, whether you're wearing it in the sea or the shower it will not tarnish so you never have to take your pieces off.

  • Stone Care:

    If your jewellery has pearls we recommend that you don't get them wet so that the pearl keeps it's lustre and lasts a lifetime.

    Precious stones can usually be kept looking perfect by cleaning them gently in warm water. If you're unsure how to care for your stones please get in touch, info@pilondon.co.uk

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Whether you're searching for the perfect, antique engagement or perhaps you're wanting to re-design a family heirloom. We can help source or design the perfect piece with you. Get in touch with our founder, Isobel and start your journey today.

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