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Pi People


PI People never settle for the status quo. They push boundaries, using their craft and skills to tell unforgettable stories that make a splash in the world.

Magnetising, unique and memorable, PI People are a rare breed - but you’ll always know one when you meet them.

Collaborators & Creators

We have put together our #PIpeople edit in order to celebrate all of the wonderful people we have met along our journey. We want to share their stories with you in the hope that they will inspire and encourage us all to make a change. Each person is doing something remarkable and trying to make a difference in their own unique way. We hope you enjoy reading their incredible stories.

Here at PI London we have dreams of building a community of like minded creative people, so are always interested in collaborating with different artists and inspiring people. 

Whether you’re a photographer, illustrator, painter or poet, if you would like to be a part of our community please get in touch or write to us at PI London, 3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, W1B 3HH.

Pip Durrel | Founder & CEO of WNU - With Nothing Underneath

WNU was founded on the idea that women’s shirts were not being given the attention they needed – and yet it’s an item almost every woman in the world owns. Inspired by men’s tailoring, and designed for women, WNU shirts are affordable, sustainably sourced and timeless. WNU is all about simplicity - just like the woman who
wears them.

Josephine Philips | Founder & CEO of Sojo

Josephine Philips, is an inspiring young entrepreneur who founded. Sojo, a FashionTech start-up hoping to help make fashion circular. Sojo is the UK’s first clothing alterations and repairs app. They connect customers to local seamster businesses through their app and bicycle delivery service so that you can get your clothes fixed or fitted with a few simple clicks. Whether it’s shortening trousers or fixing a zip, you place an order on the app and then Sojo handles the rest – collecting, fulfilling and delivering the order back to you.

Chinazo Ufodiama | Creator and Co-host of the Unpretty Podcast.

Chia 31 year old fashion brand consultant, sometime writer and the creator and co-host of the Unpretty Podcast, a podcast dedicated to exploring perceptions of beauty through the lens ofBlack and non-black people of colour, through conversations with beauty experts and people of lived experience. Essentially it’s a platform to showcase the stories and experiences of people of colour and how beauty comes into play with that – the kind of conversations that happen in more “safe spaces” and behind closed doors in the community.

Victoria Prew | Co-Founder, HURR Collective

It was great to be able to catch up with Victoria, and talk about her journey and hear how she is coping during lockdown. Victoria’s values and drive to make a difference in the way people shop has always been such an inspiration to us and it’s incredible to see how much HURR Collective has grown in such a short space of time.

We love that like us, HURR is all about extending the life of pieces that are already out there in the world and giving them a new lease of life.

Lucy Carr-Ellison | Co-founder, Wild by Tart

Lucy met her business partner, Jemima whilst living in New York (working on the other side of the camera in roles including fashion photography, production and modelling) and they bonded over their mutual enthusiasm and love for hearty, authentic food. They are constantly discovering ingredients and creating new recipes. Both Lucy and Jemima share a love of travel, citing international trips as well as British towns and local farms, as a source of inspiration for their beautiful and vibrant dishes.

Sebastien Notre | Artist

Sebastien Notre studied womenswear in Paris before moving to Central Saint Martins. His attraction to paintings and collages came through his research for his school projects. It did not take long to understand that he got more pleasure collecting images and merging them together than in designing and sewing clothes...

Jemima and Ali Herbert | Co-founders, LAY London

Sisters, Jemima and Alice have combined their experiences working in the luxury industry and events to bring to the table something they felt was missing. 

 Living in London, they were struck by the increasing demand for smaller events with wow-factor table settings. Noticing a lack of transparent, easy-to-order solutions and the limited variety of rentable tableware on offer, they started to design a hassle-free service to be enjoyed by friends, families and businesses across London. 

Cleo Glover | Photographer & Founder of Bumbaby

Cleo is British photographer based in London.

Her work focuses on cinematic and elusive moments, creating a dreamlike world through the intimate connections she makes with her subjects.

Janina Gruber | Stylist & Illustrator

Janina Gruber is a freelance fashion stylist and creative director based in London.

Freddie Elbourne | Founder & Designer, MONC London

Freddie's motivation came from a love for the design process. That and being obsessed with sunglasses which all started when I stole his Dads' original Persol sunglasses as a teenager. He started designing sunglasses in his previous job and from that moment he was hooked. He became so obsessed he ended up leaving the design agency job to start his journey with MONC. He thought it was about time that there was an honest brand that was transparent about making good quality eyewear for a reasonable price, so that’s what he did. 

Bianca Valle | Holistic Nutritionist

Bianca practices a form of nutrition that is based on mind, body and soul. She helps clients in depth one on one, or has a donation based service that is not as in depth that anyone can utilize and learn about their body.

Charlie Bowring | Founder, The Wardrobe Workshop

Charlie founded the Wardrobe Workshop as a space to communicate her personal style, to show the myriad of influences that have shaped and influenced it. She is inspired by London, the eclectic city she lives in; the way in which it changes and evolves, the way in which it showcases the best corners of the world. She seeks out new and inspiring designers, whilst also supporting the resale of desirable vintage and preloved items. 

Jamie Wild | Sculpturist & Co-Founder, Feragaia

Jamie has a unique talent of turning scrap metal, a material that would otherwise go to waste, into exceptional sculptures; and specialises in wild animals. Through his work, Jamie is able to bring the global issue of the extinction of certain species to people’s attention.

And, if creating magical creatures out of scrap wasn’t enough, Jamie is also Co-Founder of Scotland’s first distilled alcohol-free spirit, Feragaia.

Lucy Kebbell | Founder, The Vendeur

Lucy has worked in fashion editorial for almost 15 years and struggles to understand the real purpose in flogging more stuff to people who already have enough.

When she discovered the sustainable fashion movement in 2017, she struggled to find resources that were informative, attractive but also kind in their tone. She decided to use her experience and contacts to create a new way of communicating and engaging with people about the topic.

Charlotte Hope | Actor

Charlotte always loved acting. Even as a child in school plays, she thought it was the biggest thrill. And still does. She even loves just acting scenes out in her living room. But she didn’t start acting professionally until she was at uni. She attended an open casting for a French film. She didn’t get the job but it gave me her confidence to start approaching agents.

Camille Yolaine | Writer

A freelance copywriter and storyteller, Camille lives in Paris, a brilliant place for creating stories, staying inspired, and meeting interesting people. She grew up in Alsace, a pretty region in the east of France. For as long as she can remember she has loved to write stories and longed to live in Paris.