Bringing antique pieces into the 21st century

We believe in slow fashion that makes a statement every day whilst also being better for the planet. Where some jewellery is made to live on you, antiques can truly live with you; made from solid gold and silver, they’ll surpass seasonal trends and last forever! 

"A pioneer for slow-fashion, PI London is the go-to for vintage treasures. Founder Isobel was inspired by her mother’s background as an antique dealer and aims to make the often dated term of antiques filter into the fashion industry".

Stylist Magazine


Values & Sustainability

Sustainability has been “super important” to Procter from the beginning. “I was really lucky in that I launched as the movement was growing and people were becoming much more conscious – the most sustainable way to shop is to buy pre-owned. There are so many amazing pieces already out there in the world. The fact that I can buy these forgotten pieces and give them a new home… it’s really special.”

When buying jewellery, you'd be forgiven for not considering where it came from or what effect its production had on the planet. Often this information isn't readily shared - so the question is never asked. We are proud to be part of the solution to making the jewellery industry more sustainable by specialising in pre-owned pieces, re-designing family heirlooms and creating bespoke pieces using recycled gold.

"In the current climate, sustainability has never been more important. Increasingly so, we care about what we buy and where it comes from. And thankfully, one brand hitting all the high notes right now is PI London, a beautifully-curated jewellery brand selling only vintage and antique pieces".

Wonderland magazine


Behind Our Pieces

We’re fuelled by the unique beauty behind jewellery that’s had a life. From elaborate watch fobs keeping the men of the 1900s ticking, to mourning jewellery promising to keep the memory of loved ones alive; our pieces all have a story to tell.

Standing the test of time

Our antique pieces, which were made by a skilled craftsman hundreds of years ago have already proven they can last the test of time and are therefore likely to last for many for many years (even centuries) to come.

"The decadent craftsmanship in PI London pieces is exceptional, and in sterling silver or 9ct gold, the brand has unlocked an affordable gateway into one-of-a-kind accessories wearers can cherish forever. Some of which are hundreds and hundreds of years old".
Wonderland magazine

CEO & Founder: Isobel

I’m keen to disrupt the current interpretation of ‘antiques’ because, given the chance, I really believe they can answer some of the most timely needs of both the people and the planet. My Mother, an antique’s dealer herself, instilled a great appreciation for unique pieces in me from a very young age. But there was always something about the industry that felt a bit inaccessible, often associated with dusty old shops or elitist auction houses.

“Determined to give antiques a ‘face lift’ for the modern consumer, I hope PI is just the beginning!”

The Antiques Obsessive Bringing Vintage Jewellery To The Masses

by Kerry Mcdermot for British Vogue #getyourgreens Campaign

“My mission is to make vintage jewellery more accessible,” says Isobel, who grew up in Yorkshire visiting “random, quirky shops” with her antique dealer mother. “I think people are now much more used to buying vintage clothes, and even furniture. But when it comes to antiques people are still mostly in the dark. They don’t know where to look for them, and often places... can feel quite intimidating – it’s all a bit overwhelming.”

A stint living in Paris – where she found herself struggling to indulge the passion for collecting she inherited from her mother – is what inspired Procter to start her business. “I didn’t know where to look anymore,” she says. “I didn’t have my mum’s places to go, and I didn’t really trust auction sites. And there wasn’t a cool, easy-to-use website.”

Back in the UK and working as a PA, Procter’s parents encouraged her to put her idea in motion. “They were really behind me,” she says. “They said, if you want to do it, do it one hundred per cent. That was on a weekend, and I quit my job on Wednesday.” PI London launched in November 2019, and one year later Beyoncé was wearing Isobel’s pieces on her December 2020 British Vogue cover – “I don’t think it gets much better than that!”.