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Values & Sustainability

When buying jewellery, you'd be forgiven for not considering where it came from or what effect its production had on the planet. Often this information isn't readily shared - so the question is never asked.

Encouraging you to make better purchasing decisions

We want people to start asking this question and be encouraged to make better purchasing decisions.

Antique and vintage jewellery is the best solution to being more eco-friendly as sustainable jewellery is all about extending the life of existing pieces. 

Standing the test of time

Our antique pieces, which were all made by a skilled craftsman hundreds of years ago, have already been mined, manufactured and distributed - almost certainly in a much more responsible way than today.

Not only does mass produced jewellery have a huge negative impact on our planet, it also doesn’t last. Our carefully selected pieces have already proven they can last the test of time and are therefore likely to last for many for many years (even centuries) to come.