• Product Info

    This piece looks best on a long chunky chain; the perfect piece of handmade silver jewellery. Wear with a matching silver bracelet for a complete look.

    Product Details

    Material: Silver

    Rose Gold

    Date: Retro 1937

    Measurements: W2.3cm H3.4cm

  • Gold & Silver Care:

    The beauty with solid gold and silver is that it will last a lifetime, whether you're wearing it in the sea or the shower it will not tarnish so it never has to be taken off.

  • Stone Care:

    If your jewellery has pearls we recommend that you don't get them wet so that the pearl keeps it's lustre and lasts a lifetime.

    Precious stones can usually be kept looking perfect by cleaning them gently in warm water. If you're unsure how to care for your stones please get in touch, info@pilondon.co.uk