Camille's Story

camille yolaine

We are thrilled to announce our first collaboration with the talented and creative Camille Yolaine an idealistic storyteller living her dream in Paris.

We were immediately drawn to Camille’s effortless Parisian style and natural beauty. However, it was when we later found out that she was also a passionate artist and writer with a love of romantic literature, we knew we had to collaborate with her.

Inspired by French icons like Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve, Camille’s vintage style and love of history truly connected with us. Camille, a true romantic and beautiful writer, handpicked each piece meaning her collection truly feels like an extension of herself and has its own stunning story of its own. A romanticist and a dreamer, her imagination truly shines through in this curated collection. When asked which piece was her favourite in her collection Camille’s answer describes the collection perfectly.

 “I love the heart locket because it looks like it was taken straight from a Jane Austen novel.”

Camille’s curated collection is a selection of ten one of a kind pieces which are mostly from the Victorian era. Like the Victorians Camille was drawn to pieces which had their own romantic language and hidden message.


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camille yolaine