PI People: Sebastien Notre Artist
Please could you tell our community a bit about yourself?

I am a french artist based in Milan. I mostly paint and do sculptures but also love to collaborate with
brands doing collages.

Could you tell us about your creative background?
I studied fashion in Paris and London before to understand I wanted to dedicate myself to arts. I’m still very interested by fashion and design and really enjoy to collaborate with brands.

What type of art do you specialise in?
I mostly do figurative painting and sometimes small sculptures.

How did you get onto collages?
I started to make collages at school while studying womenswear design. I found it a very interesting way to make researches and express a mood and became a bit addicted to this technique over the years. 

Collages is a great way of creating something special out of materials that could otherwise go to scrap. Is that something that is important to you?
Yes it is. As an artist, I have to compose with what I have. Artists who are able to think about a project and then buy everything they need to make a project are quite few. Personally, I always try to create and paint on various supports depending on what I find. 

Is sustainability important to you?
It is very important for me. Not because I love it but because I’m scared of what’s going to happen to our world. I don’t think we are facing reality and I’m feeling quite preoccupied by it. I’m happy we are all doing little efforts to save our planet but they are unfortunately not enough. I think sustainability is a great way for a lot of people to enjoy consumption and embrace modern lifestyle without feeling guilty. For example I’m quite disgusted by the fashion industry and don’t understand why people are still buying so much. We should learn to think better and to start investing in clothes instead of just buying them.

Do you like to collect old prints, magazines etc for your art?
I like to go to vintage markets to find vintage magazines, the internet is also a great source of inspiration for me and allows me to discover things i didn’t have any idea about before. 

What is your favourite era to work with when it comes to your collages?
I love the 70s. From design to architecture and advertising. Even erotic magazines from this era were extremely aesthetic in a clever way. 

Your paintings have such a unique style, what inspires you?
Mostly people and interiors. With the help of painting I’m trying to build something, made by everything I appreciate in life. 

Do you have a favourite artist?
It can sound boring but love Picasso - He made so many things, worked hard and was brave in his painting. I’m not particularly a fan of his cubist period but have true respect for his creative choices.

Do you have a favourite antique or vintage piece?
I have a lot of favourite vintage things. From kitsch objects made of shells to vases that I collect . I have dressed myself in only second hand for almost 10 years.

 What is your favourite PI London piece and why?

I particularly like the Transvaal Jade ring that I was lucky enough to use in one of the collages I created for PI. Jade is a stone I particularly like and the alliance with gold is truly beautiful.

 Have you found lockdown an opportunity to be more creative?

Yes I did. I didn’t spend all my time taking the metro or see friends. I wouldn’t say I have been more creative because I was feeling the need too, it’s more thanks to the big gain of time which allowed me to work more.

Have you learnt any new skills during lockdown?
Mental skills I would say. I feel more confident about what I do and understand how creativity was important for me.

Lastly, what can we expect from you in 2020?
I would like to paint more, especially very big formats but also to learn new techniques such as ceramic or embroideries I could integrate in my works.