PI People: Jamie Wild Sculpturist and Co-Founder Feragaia
Jamie has a unique talent of turning scrap metal, a material that would otherwise go to waste, into exceptional sculptures; and specialises in wild animals. Through his work, Jamie is able to bring the global issue of the extinction of certain species to people’s attention.

And, if creating magical creatures out of scrap wasn’t enough, Jamie is also Co-Founder of Scotland’s first distilled alcohol-free spirit, Feragaia.

Now you seem to have many talents, where to begin!

Firstly, could you tell us a bit about James Wild Sculptures? When did you start creating your sculptures?
I started sculpting in 2009 in scrap metal, the majority of my subjects since have been wild animals. Originally inspired by the movement, I am now on a mission to raise awareness and funds to protect the wild parts of our planet and the amazing creatures that inhabit them.


What about James Wild Sculptures is important to you?
I feel very fortunate to be able to channel my creative energy and satisfy the curiosity I have for making things and natural forms.


Your  ‘O N E W I L D ” exhibition was really inspiring. Could you tell us more about that?
Thank you for coming along! O N E W I L D was my first solo exhibition, two years in the making, featuring 10 sculptures that were sculpted in scrap metal and then cast in bronze. It ran for 6 weeks at The Arboretum, a member’s club just off Trafalgar Sq and was in support of Fauna & Flora International (FFI). FFI is the oldest conservation charity and runs many brilliant projects and initiatives around the world, O N E W I L D raised £11,000 – something I am very proud about.  


Using scrap metal is a really creative way to be sustainable. Is being sustainable something that motivated you to use scrap metal?
It is a great medium, that is so varied and versatile. It seemed to me in 2009 that it was an abundant and exciting material to work with. Bonus of course is that you are upcycling, repurposing items that would otherwise go to waste. 


What does sustainability mean to you?
A responsibility to change and improve the way we operate. To safeguard the future of our existence and live in balance with nature. ‘Leave only footprints’


Are you ever inspired by vintage or antique pieces?
Always an admirer of the craftsmanship and durability of antiques. Pieces that were made to stand the test of time, they hold such character and the stories they could tell!


Do you have a favourite vintage piece? Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery antique or new?
I have a tie pin that my grandpa gave me. Combining sentimentality with a an antique object makes it very special!


Which of our PI London pieces is your favourite and why?
The Roman Ring – Wearing a piece of jewellery from the ancient world blows my mind!


Now onto your latest venture, could you tell us all about Feragaia?
Feragaia is Scotland’s first distilled alcohol-free spirit.  The drink brings together 14 land and sea botanicals to create a complex and satisfying alternative.


What was your motivation to start Feragaia?
The idea of a complex, confident and satisfying alcohol-free option really appealed. After working in alcohol for many years I felt strongly that the playing field needed to be levelled.


Where did the name come from?
My love and respect of ‘Wild Earth’ which is what Feragaia translates to from Latin and Greek.


Have you made efforts to be more sustainable in your production?
 Yes, locally sourcing, 100% recyclable packaging and plastic free marketing materials. It is just the beginning…


Do you feel that more people are turning to an alcohol-free lifestyle?
Generally, it feels like more and more people are coming around to the idea. I think lockdown will have an interesting effect as well.


Does Feragaia have any health benefits?
Zero alcohol, zero sugar and lots of distilled natural botanicals that historically have been used in medicine. We don’t pitch it as a health drink, but it is certainly a healthy option.


What’s the next steps for Feragaia?
Build organically and patiently with great partners.


Favourite part of being a co-founder?
For me it comes back to the same reason I love sculpting. Creation and seeing something evolve into something from scratch.


Favourites Feragaia cocktail recipe to make at home?
Wild Gorse Mojito, made by a highlander and friend Tristan Cameron Harper. It’s a delicious! Recipe

- 50ml Feragaia
- 15ml lime juice
- 10 gorse flowers
- 5 mint leaves
- Tablespoon honey
- Topped with tonic
- Garnish – Gorse Flowers