PI People: Bianca Valle Holistic Nutritionist

 Please could you tell our community a bit about yourself?

I am a certified holistic nutritionist and painter living in chinatown manhattan.

You are a certified Holistic Nutritionist, could you tell our community what that means?
I practice a form of nutrition that is based on mind, body and soul. I help clients in depth one on one, or I have a donation based service that is not as in depth that anyone can utilize and learn about their body. I think it is our birthright to know how  to take care of ourselves.

Has nutrition always been your passion? What motivated you to do that as a career?
I have always loved food, but my first love was fashion. Before I went back to school to become a nutritionist, I wrote at  NYLON Magazine, but when the magazine folded I knew it was  time to do deeper, more serving work.

What’s the one thing we should all be eating more of?
Beans! I don’t know why people are scared of them. I need  to have a chat with the person that  started that rumour.

Best thing to have for breakfast?
Whatever you want! I love eggs.

Do you have any other passions?
I also paint. I have  painted my  whole life and I am  so grateful people love what I paint. So, I now sell all my artwork.

Do you have any tips for being more conscious with our eating habits?
I always say to try to use logic and reasoning when it comes to food. We need to learn to not associate our emotions with food, that is unhealthy.

Are you environmentally conscious?

Do you try and be more sustainable when it comes to fashion?
Yes, very much so. I try to not buy things until I really need to buy  something. I also donate my clothing and keep it in circulation.  As much  as  I can, I also try and buy from sustainable brands when I do need to shop.

Have you made any significant changes to your shopping habits during lockdown?
To be honest, I haven't purchased anything new, but  if I did I would support small black owned businesses.

Do you buy vintage and pre-owned pieces?
Yes! Totally, I like buying vintage bags and jewellery the most.

Do you have a favourite antique or vintage piece?
I have these old Chanel clip on earrings that i adore, so beautiful and they are vintage.

Do you think you wear more vintage jewellery than buying new pieces?
Yes, a lot  of  my jewellery is my mother and fathers.

We were really drawn to your unique style which appears to I have a slight street edge to it. Do you have a specific style?
I just wear what makes me feel comfortable! I try and wear small designers as much as possible too:)

Who is your style icon?
Everyone on the street. 

Favourite era for fashion?

What inspires your style?

One item of jewellery you never take off and why?
My baby  bracelet because it is locked on to me!

What is your favourite PI London piece and why?
My chain:) I love necklaces the most!

Lastly, do you have a favourite recipe you could share with us?
An easy nut milk! Just add a spoonful of any  nut butter to one cup of water and blend. Now  you have nut milk!