PI People: Charlie Bowring Founder The Wardrobe Workshop
We are delighted to be collaborating with PI London. I have always been drawn to antiques and jewellery that is one of a kind. My favourite piece of jewellery that I own has always been a 24ct gold and sapphire bracelet which was inherited from my grandmother Cynthia. It is such a unique piece of jewellery with such a rich history. Something that you just can’t buy today.
Our vision of giving people one of a kind pieces and also prolonging the life of old ones fits really nicely with PI London’s contemporary look on antique jewellery and with their mission to be more sustainable. The Wardrobe Workshop is a two way platform, we focus on showcasing unique independent brands whilst also reviving your pre loved items, striving to curate an eclectic mix of distinctive and timeless pieces. Equal value is placed on new and old, as we believe that the fashion industry must start to acknowledge its environmental and global impact. The old model of fast, expendable retail simply does not fit with changing attitudes, and we consider ourselves at the forefront of this shift in focus.
 The Wardrobe Workshop is a space for me to communicate my personal style, to show the myriad of influences that have shaped and influenced it. I am inspired by London, the eclectic city I live in; the way in which it changes and evolves, the way in which it showcases the best corners of the world. I will seek out new and inspiring designers, whilst also supporting the resale of desirable vintage and preloved items.