PI People: Charlotte Hope Actor
Charlotte, thank you so much for your support and agreeing to be one of our PI People!

Could you tell our community a little bit about yourself and how you got into acting?

I always loved acting. Even as a child in school plays, I thought it was the biggest thrill. I still do. I even love just acting scenes out in my living room. But I didn’t start acting professionally until I was at uni. I attended an open casting for a French film. I didn’t get the job but it gave me the confidence to start approaching agents. I wrote to every agent I could find and asked them to come see one of my plays at uni. One of them came and signed me and then I just started going on auditions. My first audition was for Coca Cola and I had to do a dance (I can’t dance at all) but I thought it was so much fun because I was being an “actor”.

What was your first big break?

I guess my first break was Game of Thrones, although at the time it didn’t feel like it changed much. But a few years after, when I got the part of Catherine of Aragon in The Spanish Princess, the producers told me part of the reason I got the part was because they’d watched me in Game of Thrones.

We have to ask, how was it to be part of the award-winning Game of Thrones?
It was completely brilliant. I was a huge fan of the show already so I was gassed just to be on that set. Everyone was so talented, cast and crew, and it’s really exciting to work on something where everyone is so excited to be there because they know what a brilliant show it is.

Do you have any best bits of filming the show?

I did a lot of the scenes in Season 5 in one week and I remember finishing the week and thinking, ahh I’m really doing it. I’d spent a lot of time before that desperate to be working and it was really exciting to feel that I was there, it was no longer just a dream.

How did you find playing the role as Catherine of Aragon in the latest The Spanish Princess?
I love Catherine. She’s strong and fierce, but has such a hard time. I really enjoyed getting to tread the line between grit and fire and vulnerability.

Was it difficult to master the Spanish accent?
I’d studied Spanish at university and had spent a lot of time in Spain; but when I started I felt more comfortable with the language than the accent. I listened to a lot of youtube videos of this Spanish ballerina called Tamara Rojo and had an amazing accent coach called Mary Howland who I now work with on everything.

The jewellery you wear throughout the show is incredible, did this inspire you to wear more antique jewellery yourself?
I love antique jewellery. I have an antique ring that my mum gave me that she bought with one of her first pay checks. I wear it every day and it makes me think of her and they actually let me wear it as a character piece in the show.

Did you have a favourite piece of jewellery you wore as Catherine of Aragon?
I loved all of Catherine’s chokers. I love chokers, especially antique ones. I think they’re so sexy

The outfits in the show are so beautiful, did you have a favourite dress?
My favourite dress from the first series was the wedding dress from the first episode. It’s gorgeous but also reminds me of how excited I was at the beginning that I was getting to play this part. We filmed the wedding scene in the first few weeks of filming and I was just on such a high. I’d dreamed about getting to do a job like that for so long and I couldn’t believe I was getting to do it.

Did you learn any interesting facts about Catherine or the Tudors?
I actually didn’t know how long Henry and Catherine were married for - 24 years. The following wives came in quite quick succession but Henry and Catherine’s marriage is long even by modern standards. Also, Catherine had a really sweet tooth, and I love everything sugary so that was some nice serendipity.

Tudor jewellery was so beautiful and we’re huge fans of jewellery from this time. Do you have a favourite era for jewellery design?
I like anything delicate and antique, which is why I’m such a huge fan of this collection. I love art deco and victorian pieces but really anything that has a sense of history to it.

Are you a fan of vintage and antique pieces?
Completely ! They’re my complete favourite. I like imagining their former lives.

What do you antiques mean to you?

I really appreciate finding pieces of value from the past, there’s a mystique to the history of these pieces. I like knowing that someone owned and loved the piece before me. It feels like I get to carry that love with me now.

Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery antique or new?
My favourite piece of jewellery is the ring my mum gave me because it makes me think of her. I love jewellery that other people have given me, because then the piece has an emotional significance for me.

Which of our PI London pieces is your favourite and why?
I completely adore the Victorian Ruby Heart pendant. I would really like a boyfriend to give me that as a gift so I could carry his heart with me always.